A Hypochondriac's Guide To Beating Cancer


Dave has written a book called “A Hypochondriac’s Guide To Beating Cancer.” It’s a humorous and inspirational look at his journey with stage 3 melanoma and all the neurotic meltdowns he experienced along the way.

This book is highly relatable to hypochondriacs, cancer patients and cancer patients who happen to be hypochondriacs. It will make them laugh (even if it’s at Dave’s expense), give them hope (spoiler alert, he’s still alive) and let them know it’s okay to think every headache is a brain tumor, every forehead cyst is bone cancer and every cough means impending death.

With this book, Dave wants cancer patients to know they may indeed emerge from their experience stronger, more present and more grateful. Dave’s living proof of this, and he truly believes cancer changed his life for the better.

To order the book, simply click here: COMING SOON