Public Speaking Coach

Whether you’re speaking at a corporate function, engaging with colleagues on a panel, delivering a keynote address or giving a wedding toast, Dave Aizer is the public speaking coach for you. Dave has been a motivational public speaker for twenty years and has taught public speaking for over a decade. Dave will equip you with the skills you need to deliver an incredible and memorable public speech. First, he’ll teach you how to properly prepare, which includes researching your audience, writing your speech and properly rehearsing it. Next, he’ll work on your poise, which includes managing your anxiety, giving yourself the proper pep talks and mentally expecting success. Then, he’ll work with you on your performance, which includes eye contact, hand gestures, posture, vocal inflection, energy, passion and storytelling. When you put all of this together you will become a dynamic and powerful public speaker. Dave is available in person and online for coaching sessions. Book Dave now for your free consultation!