Positive Mindset = Positive Experience

Think of a media exposure as an opportunity, not a challenge

When I meet many of my clients for the first time, they’re nervous about public speaking or appearing on camera. That’s totally normal, most people in the world are nervous about that. But before my clients and I address how to give an effective performance, we first spend time on changing their mindsets.

I’ll often hear things from them like, “I’m here because I’m being forced to give a speech,” or “my boss is making me do this,” or “my p.r. rep told me I needed to be here.” When you put that kind of negative energy out in the universe you’re setting yourself up for failure, or at the very least a disappointing performance.

So, I work with my clients to re-frame the way they think, and talk, about public speaking and on camera appearances. Instead of a problem, or something you HAVE to do, call it an opportunity, or something you’re excited to do. Think about it like this: every time you speak on behalf of your business, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness, build your brand and maybe even grow your revenue.

You get to deliver the talking points you WANT your listeners to hear. You get to shape the message. Even if you’re being interviewed, with some technique work, you can pivot off the reporter’s questions and give the answers you want to give. How exciting is that! You have a platform that most of your competitors don’t. And even if they do have that same platform, you’ll be better prepared and better trained than they will.

So if you “have to” give a speech or a TV interview, get excited about it. When you talk about doing it, do so in a positive way. When you think about it, imagine success. Not perfection mind you, because that’s unattainable and boring anyway. Just success, and the benefits that go along with that. And even if you don’t believe what you’re saying or thinking, keep throwing that energy out there. As they say, fake it ’till you make it!

So be positive, be excited, and be grateful for the opportunity to share your message.

As always, if you’d like to chat about this or schedule a consultation, you can reach me here.

Have a great day!