Another Set Of Eyes Is Crucial

So, you think your speech is perfect? Think that social media video script is spot on? Love your TV talking points and don’t feel like you need to change anything? Think again, my friend.

If you’re about to give a keynote, shoot an important social media video, or appear on TV to promote your business, it is CRUCIAL that you get another set of eyes on your content ahead of time.

After all, do you want to be this person? Or this one?

As performers, we can’t always be objective about what we write and how we deliver it. In fact, it’s often very hard for us to be objective! We’re far too close to the content to be able to take a step back and process it with an unbiased eye. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and doesn’t need tweaking.

Have a colleague or a friend read your script and watch your rehearsal and give you honest feedback. Everything must be fair game. The writing, the energy, and the performing. If your words and your performance aren’t quite delivering the goods, it’s best you find out before you do it for real. Because, if your event is live, you’re not getting a do over.

I know criticism is hard, and none of us love it, but think of it as quality control. Who cares how many drafts you write or rehearsals you do, the only thing that matters is what the public sees. So get feedback and make it great. This extra bit of work you put in BEFORE you perform will make all the difference. You may be annoyed at first, but you’ll be very thankful after.

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Have a great day!