Use a Third Base Coach

A common challenge with nervous public speakers is that they talk too fast. Perhaps this sounds familiar, and it’s something you struggle with. If so, no worries, it’s very common and very correctable.

I’ve talked a lot about pausing and how it’s a crucial tool to help speak more deliberately and powerfully, so I won’t mention it again here. Instead, I want to give you a hack, or a cheat.

Being that the World Series is happening now, let’s put this in baseball terms. If you’re giving a speech, or sitting on a panel, see if you can have a “coach” in the audience. When you start speaking too quickly have them flash you a subtle sign, like a third base coach in baseball would do. Rub their nose, scratch their chin, whatever. Nobody but the two of you will know, and it will allow you to slow down and really improve your performance.

One more factor to keep in mind. While the content may be very familiar to you (and you’ve given the same presentation 50 times) it’s the first time many audience members are hearing your message. They really want to learn from you, and if you rush through it because you’re over it, you’ll end up frustrating your audience.

So, slow down for your sake, and for theirs. To chat more about commanding the room, and the audience, contact me for a free consultation.

Have a great day!