Use Callbacks And Calls To Action


This week’s tip comes from a viewer question and it deals with how to end a speech. This is crucial because, obviously, the end of your speech is the last thing your audience will hear.

It would be unfortunate to do so much great work in the beginning and middle of your speech, and then at the end – when you have the audience eating out of your hand – not to leave them with one final inspirational note.

To me, the best way to achieve this is with a callback and a call to action. Here’s what I mean: most great speeches have themes. You establish your theme in the beginning, you dive into in the middle and, then at the end, you drive home your theme in a way that directly impacts, motivates and moves your audience.

Let’s say you start your speech talking about gratitude, and how you never had it as a child. Then, in the middle of your speech you share a story about a life-changing event, and how it’s helped you realized you have so much to be thankful for and so much joy to share. From there you give several examples of how you’ve become more grateful in your life. At the end of your speech you recall who you used to be, how far you’ve come, and how that change has made you a kinder, better, more selfless person.

Then, perhaps more importantly, empower your audience to embark on their own journeys of gratitude. Give them advice and tangible action steps so they can put your words into their actions. When they leave that auditorium, you want your audience inspired, and ready to take charge of their lives. That’s how you stand out as a speaker, and become memorable!

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Have a great day!