Do These THREE Things To Stand Out

Job interviews can be stressful and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of applicants. So, how can you stand out and make sure you make a great impression? Simple, implement these three behaviors and you’ll be well on your way to gainful employment!

First, be an active listener. Sure, you can anticipate some questions and even rehearse them before the interview, but you’re going to get some ones you didn’t expect as well. So, when a question is asked, hear it all the way through. Don’t assume you know the answer before the interviewer finishes asking it. Don’t jump in, and take your time processing the question. Then, answer it thoughtfully. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with pausing to collect your thoughts.

Second, thoroughly research the company. It’s not enough to want to work somewhere, you need to want to work THERE – and have specific reasons why. What is it about that company, and that specific position that excites you? Spend some time on their website. Learn about their history. Read testimonials and reviews. These things will help you make informed decisions and give unique answers about how you can be an asset.

And three, ask questions. Thoughtful, informed questions show you prepared for the interview and are thinking long-term. Hiring managers love that. And keep in mind, it’s okay to ask questions about growth opportunities; just make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re using this current position as a way to get in the door, so you can then move up to something better. Be excited about the position you’re there to discuss!

Hopefully these tips will give you more confidence for your next job interview. If you’d like to work on your interviewing skills and one-on-one communication techniques, schedule a free consultation here.

Have a great day!