Make Your Videoconference Seamless

How’s your videoconference game? Are you able to keep your audience engaged? Do you feel like you lose them halfway through your presentation?

One way to keep your presentation humming is to avoid silences and momentum breaks between slides. Many people stop talking as they transition between slides because they haven’t figured out how lead into what comes next. Instead, there are a few seconds of awkward silence as they wait for the next slide to appear, and then they merely recite the title of the slide as they begin to talk about it.

They’ll say something like “So, our next slide indicates…” or “Fourth quarter earnings report.” They may even fill those few seconds of silence between slides with “so” or “um.”

This is NOT a great way to be a dynamic communicator.

If this is you, what you should strive for instead is a seamless bridge between slides. As in, “and that’s a look at how we fared in the third quarter, as for the fourth quarter you’ll see here that we did even better.” This subtle change keeps the pace and energy up and indicates to your audience that you are familiar with the material and you have complete mastery over your presentation.

For you to be able to execute this, you must know your slide deck really well and remember what slide is next before you click it. This way, you’re leading into the slide rather than catching up to it.

So, rehearse, use notes, or figure out another way to prompt yourself. This will really set you apart as a presenter.

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Have a great day!