Listening, Pivoting and Passion

You may not think sales is part of public speaking, but it most definitely is! To be an effective sales rep, and let’s face it, most of us are trying to sell something every day, here are a few communications-related techniques that come into play.

The first, and probably most important, is active listening. Don’t go into a sales call assuming you know what your client needs. Sure, you should have a plan, but if you’re not listening you’ll miss crucial details which you can address to get that sale. If you listen well enough, and ask the appropriate follow-up questions, the client will often tell you exactly what their pain points are … which is vital information to close the deal.

Which leads to the second point, be prepared to pivot. Again, have a game plan, but if – after listening – you realize your initial solution isn’t the right one, be flexible. Continuing to come at them with the same approach when clearly that’s not what they want to hear, will only insult and infuriate them. Instead, change your approach when presented with new information. The client will feel validated that you’re addressing their specific needs.

And third, love what you’re selling. This is extremely important. When it comes to sales, you need to come from a place of genuine passion and enthusiasm. If you’re not fired up about your product, your potential client won’t be either. And you can’t fake it. So, figure out an authentic way to connect to what you’re selling.

Simply incorporating these three techniques will make a world of difference in your sales process. To chat more about sales, active listening, and interpersonal communication skills, contact me for a free consultation. Have a great day.

Have a great day!