Get Them On Your Side

If you’re appearing on TV or a podcast to promote your business, here’s some advice to help you stand out: get the host on your side! You want the host to be excited about chatting with you, because that will impact the quality of the interview. Trust me, as a guy who’s been a TV host for 25 years, I can tell you firsthand that guests who use the following three tips make me very happy.

First, when you find out who will be interviewing you, watch a segment of theirs in advance. This way, when you meet the host on set you can reference that segment and mention something you liked about it. This lets the host know you’re familiar with them, and that leads to them feeling more comfortable.

Next, call the host by name a few times during the interview. Not only will the host appreciate that, but the audience will too because it makes it sound like the two of you are friends. And since the two of you are friends, you’re now – by extension – friends with the audience.

And three, if possible, involve the host in the discussion about your product. For example, if the host asks you to describe your new workout program, ask them if they’ve ever had a specific fitness problem the product addresses. Then speak to that problem, and how your program can help the host.

These subtle touches will win over the host and personalize your experience; making for a more comfortable, relaxed and interesting interview. You’d be surprised  how these little steps can make a huge difference.

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Have a great day!