Make Exercise Part Of Your Routine

You may not realize this, but there are numerous benefits to exercising, as it relates to public speaking. When I have a big speech to give, or a big panel or TV show to host, I always exercise the morning of the event.

Doing this helps me feel confident, relaxed and focused. Plus, it gives me much-needed quiet time to go over my script. In fact, I’ve made last minute improvements to my script because of the clarity I feel while exercising!

So, on the day of your next big speech, or panel, or TV appearance build in some time to exercise. I know you’re busy but believe me it’s important, and it’s worth it. You want to be at your best, mentally and physically, when it’s showtime and exercising is a crucial part of that process. You’ll feel good, you’ll look good, and you’ll be ready to crush it.

Oh, and one more tip: right before you take the stage or the TV set, throw in some deep breaths to center yourself. Slowing down your heart rate and clearing your mind will take your performance to new heights.

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Have a great day!