What If Your Deck Crashes?

In this world of virtual presentations, one thing you must keep in mind is: stuff happens – and by that I mean, technical problems. Which means, if you’re the one presenting you cannot solely rely on your PowerPoint or Keynote Deck. Because, if it crashes, and you don’t know the material, that’s going to be awkward.

You certainly can’t stop talking or end the presentation early. You most definitely can’t say, “Well, I’m unable to present without my slide deck but I’ll email it to you later.” These are unacceptable outcomes as a public speaker.

Instead, you must carry on, undaunted. In fact, by being able to press on without missing a beat you’ll earn even more acclaim from your audience. Their belief in you, and your expertise, will soar.

Think of the deck as a supplement to you. You’re the star, the deck is there to enhance what you’re saying. Visually, it’s nice to look at and it can take some pressure off of you, but at the end of the day YOU are the reason people are watching. YOU are the voice of knowledge. YOU will make a profound impact.

When you’re rehearsing your speech or presentation, rehearse at least one time without the deck to make sure you really own the content. This way, if it does crash, you won’t be flustered and you won’t miss a beat.

And, as a cheat, you can write down some bullet points on note cards and use those, if in fact there are technical problems. There’s nothing wrong with that at all!

Most importantly, whatever happens, don’t let the audience see you sweat. You’re the host, you’re in control. As long as you prepare properly, you’ll be ready for any and every scenario.

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Have a great day!